XML XML Concept, Fundamental and Application

XML and Web Service Business Application and the future Replace EDI.

Web Service related to Internet and Intranet.(Cross- Operating System, Language and Application.

SGML      - Superset of HTML and XML

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTML Hypertext Mark Up Language

XML Tools - .NET  XMLReader, XMLWritter

XML Schema Data Description and Definition Of Data Format and Rules.

XSLT Extensible Style-Sheet Language-Transformation

XPath XML Search Query.



Hands-On project bind XML data source to Data Control Data Grid, Data Repeater and Data List

XML and Web Service Object Class Relationship and Architecture.

HTTP & SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Transport Layer.

SOAP Client & SOAP Server Interaction.

SOAP Client & SOAP Server Design and Implementation.

UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration)

Hands-On project create client consume Web Service



How to advertise your Web Service on the Internet.

Web Service Client/Service and .NET Framework.

Create Web Service use the VS.NET and ASP.NET and Web Reference.

Hands-On Create WSDL and Examine SOAP generated by .NET.

Hands-On projects - Create Complex Data Base Web Service and Set up Test Web Service for Web Service Consumer.



Web Service Deployment.

Project Due and Presentation

Trips and Tricks Discussion.