Installing and Configuring VB.NET.


 Window 2K Server/IIS 5.0, Front-Page Extension, MS Office, VS.NET.


Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Mastering VB.NET programming fundamentals.


 Variables, Statements, Decision structures, Loops, Class.


VB.NET IDE (Integrated Development Environment)



Solution Explorer

Properties Window

Toolbox, Components and Reference


Creating Win Form GUI (Graphical User Interface)


Writing your first program and working with Toolbox controls, menus, and dialog boxes.

Form Events.

Hands on Projects

Take home Projects


Object Oriented Programming


Using modules, functions and procedures.

Using methods in the .NET Framework class libraries.

Debugging Visual Basic .NET programs.

Create your first OOP Class.

Base Class, Sub-Class


Advanced Programming Concepts




Imports Keyword.

Implementing Interfaces.

Inheriting forms.

Creating base classes.


Database, Client, Server and Database Connectivity


Client. First tier/Front-End

Middle ware. Middle Tier.(COM & COM+)

Server  - 3rd tier/Back-End.

ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity), OLEDB.

RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System.


Application Interoperability


.NET Using COM

 COM Using .NET

COM Callable Wrapper (CCW)


Deploying/Packaging your Visual Basic .NET applications


Assembling project code.


Create MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language).